About Us

The phenomenon of time has captivated us as human beings for centuries. Understanding its very principles has divided great men such as Einstein and Newton. This same feeling of captivation is what motivated founder Gary Keller to create Legion Watches.

With the rich history of timekeeping and watchmaking alike in mind, Legion Watches set out to create a collection of timepieces that would incorporate both classical and modern design features. Our influence at Legion Watches is focused upon creating aesthetically pleasing, modern timepieces, which stay true to our classical foundation.

It’s more than evident that in our modern society an electronic device is a more than adequate mechanism to tell the time. However, we believe a wristwatch goes far beyond its functionality and intended purpose. We believe it’s a symbol of character, sophistication and status for both men and women. No matter how you choose to spend your time, you should always look good while doing it, which is why we create all of our timepieces to suit all occasions.



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